HALion Sonic SE2 + Symphonic Orchestra

As with other VST instrmuent libraries (such as Garritan etc.), I would like to use HALION Sonic SE2 + Symphonic Orchestra (which came with Dorico) as a VST instrument in Cubase (where I have only an older version of HALION SE and no Symphonic instruments).
However, no matter where I look in the Dorico program files I can not find it anywhere. Where would the relevant files/directories (and what are they called?) be found and could they indeed be used with Cubase? Or are they completely embedded in the Dorico program somehow?

You should simply find that HALion Sonic SE 2 already shows up in Cubase (it’s actually installed along with Cubase anyway), and you should be able to use its sounds from within Cubase. Unless, for some reason, Cubase Elements is limited in some way to which VST instruments it can use – I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to that.

Thanks, that may be so, but not likely since other VST libraries seem to work well with Elements
Are there any specific directories in Dorico, though, that contain SE2+HSO?

No, none of the HALion Sonic SE plug-ins or content are installed in Dorico-specific locations. You should see HALion Sonic SE 2 shows up in Cubase without needing to move anything around.

well, yes, sort-of … it shows Sonic SE2, but the old version ( that was installed originally with Elements 7. Tried to rename it so it couldn’t be found, but that didn’t work, can’t get rid of it, and there is no equivalent directory for the new SE2 version (2.0.289 64-bit) … ahh, just realized that Elements is 32-bit! I suppose that would explain it? Is there a 32-bit version of SE2 and Symphonic?

There is, but I’m afraid they are not included with Dorico, as Dorico – in common with all of Steinberg’s products from now on – is 64-bit only. I’m afraid as far as I know there’s no way to download just HALion Sonic SE 2 from our downloads web site. Have you considered updating to a more recent version of Cubase Elements that runs as a 64-bit application?

considered updating to a more recent version of Cubase Elements that runs as a 64-bit application?

I have, but the specs of Elements 8 (as well as for 8.5 Pro and Artist, by the way) say

32-bit/192 kHz Steinberg audio engine

so that doesn’t look like it would work, correct …?

No, that’s the spec of the internal audio engine. Cubase 8 (Elements, Pro, Artist) comes still with 2 installers, one for Win32bit and Win64bit. This will change though from Cubase 9, which will only ship for Win64bit.

Thanks Ulf, that sounds interesting
do you know if 1) there is a demo version available for download somewhere (couldn’t see it anywhere)
2) if this problem still persists in Elements 8 which was the reason I never upgraded in the first place
from an old thread -

trying out Elements 8
I have the tracks window maximized
I then open other superimposed windows such as mix console and markers
but when I click in the tracks window again, the others disappear instead of staying on top
(this was NOT the case in Elements 7)

this being my last question … don’t want to keep continuing this on the Dorico Forum, of course

I don’t know, but you can get a trial version of Elements 8 here: