HALion Sonic SE2 with FL Studio 12


Halion Sonic SE2 came bundled with my Cubase AI 9. Although this VST plugin is seen by FL Studio 12, it won’t load, and the window with ‘This plugin failed to load’ pops up.

Is it because of some kind of incompatibility, or is it just because this particular version of Halion won’t work with any 3rd party’s DAW?

Thanks for your comments.


Halion Sonic SE 2 only works with Cubase.

But you could install the Halion Sonic SE 3. It will replace the HSSE 2 but all the content you have bundled with Cubase AI should stay intact.

It works as standalone application and can be used as plugin in other Daws.


Thanks, misohoza! I’m gonna give it a try.