Halion Sonic SE3 : Can´t find instruments


Got a new computer the other day, and had to install everything. I got everything up and running, but when I try to open Halion or Groove Agent, there is nothing.

I downloaded them via the Steinberg Download Assistent, and hope that was all to it, but now Im sort of lost.

Have updated the eLicenser software and everything, but nothing.

What am I missing here?

// Thanks!

OK look in the Download Assistant if needed to find the location where the files were downloaded. If that is where you want the content to be stored you can leave it there or move the files somewhere else if you prefer. Then double+click on any of the .vstsound files. This will launch the Library Manager and register all the sounds it finds in that folder and all its sub-folders.

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Thanks for the reply!

Its saved in the "downloads" folder. I dont got a problem with that. But theres only .dmg files. No VST-files.

I found some VST-files in the “Application” → “Steinberg”-folder. But no use :confused:

Those aren’t the .vstsound files you’re looking for.

In the Steinberg Library Manager, click the gear icon to the top right to ensure that the libraries are being installed to a valid location.

Then please run the Steinberg Download Assistant, click your version of Cubase, then click the Open/Install/Install Again button to the right of content entries to try again. If they’re already downloaded, you can click the down-arrow icon to open the folder where the .vstsound files have been downloaded to.

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Thanks for the reply, Romantique!

I chose “Install again” and when I chose “open folder” this appears.

Things showed up in the Library now. Should Halion and Groove agant also appear here?

Anyone…? :pleading_face:

No, those are Instruments not content. The Library Manager is only for content. So it should show you the content for Halion & GA but not the instruments themselves. These should appear as tabs at the top, which they don’t in your screenshot. That kind of implies that those libraries haven’t been installed yet.