Halion Sonic SE3 contains only HSO

I installed Dorico 4 Pro and Halion Sonic SE3 on my new computer. Everything works, except that within Halion I can only find the instruments from HSO. Where are HSSE, Zilhouette Strings, LoFi Piano etc.? It is strange that when I play a previous project in Dorico, the instruments are found and work, but I cannot select them in a new project. The licenses seem to be fine. How do I get the other instruments visible again in Halion?

All of these libraries show up as expected in Steinberg Library Manager? If so, you should be able to locate those sounds using MediaBay from within the HSSE interface.

Yes, all these libraries show up as expected in Steinberg Library Manager. Zilhouette Strings, Olympus Choir Micro, LoFi Piano, Indian Drum Basics, Halion Sonic SE Pro etc. are present. On my old computer it works fine.
I don’t understand what you mean: MediaBay within the HSSE interface?

Dorico can’t load these sounds itself automatically, so to load them you would need to load them directly in HSSE yourself. MediaBay is the panel within HSSE that allows you to browse for sounds. There’s normally a Libraries tab that allows you to choose the set of sounds within which to browse.

It seems that MediaBay is related to Cubase. I have Dorico Pro 4. Previously I only had to download instruments, register them in the Library Manager and that’s it. The instruments are there and work when I play a previous project, but they are not visible in Halion.

MediaBay is part of HALion Sonic SE, though it does also appear in Cubase. For example, your HSSE window looks a bit like this:

Notice that the Load tab is active on the right-hand side. Click the orange All Instrument Sets menu, and you’ll see this:

Each of these buttons corresponds to one of the libraries installed on your system. Now you can click the appropriate button to browse only the sounds that come from that library.

That is not my problem. I copied all the instruments to my new computer and register them in Library Manager:

Then I open Halion Sonic SE3 and I see only this:

Dorico correctly loads the necessary instruments of my projects, but for a new project I cannot select the necessary instruments in Halion. They are not visible, only the HSO instruments. How can I fix this?

I guess you need to force the MediaBay database to be rebuilt. Can you try going to the VST Plug-ins page of Preferences in Dorico and click the Reset Audio Engine Data button, then quit and restart Dorico?

I reset the audio engine, but it has no effect. I only see the HSO instruments in Halion SE3. The rest are gone, but Dorico can load and use them. The problem is that I cannot select instruments other than HSO instruments in Halion SE3. I have licenses for multiple instrument sets. Maintenance of the e-licenser has no result. VSTPlugIns allow The Grand 3 and baios in Dorico Pro 4. I installed Halion again, but no effect. I ran the Activation Manager again. No result. Other options?

Unfortunately we’re at the end of my knowledge here! The problem appears to be that the MediaBay database needs rebuilding, and my expectation was that resetting the audio engine data would allow that to happen, but apparently not.

You may need to raise a ticket with our support team to ask for their further assistance. You should be able to do that here.

Okay I will do that. When they have a solution, I’ll post it here.

Hi @Ynze_Bicknese , our support is always very busy and might not respond in a timely manner.
If they appear to react slow, please run the attached script (after unzipping) by double clicking on it and then post here the file VAEDiagnosticsReport.zip (from your desktop). Thank you very much

@Ulf Is the attachment missing?

Hi Ulf,

I am sorry but I cannot find any attached file here…

Oh, sorry, here it comes
CreateVAEDiagnosticsReport.zip (817 Bytes)

Hi Ulf,
Here it is:
VAEDiagnosticsReport.zip (5.4 KB)

Hi Ynze, thanks for the data. It appears to me that the installed contents files don’t have all the same access rights or ownership, and so that is the reason why the MediaBay does not show them all.
My suggestion therefore is, go to C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content and make sure that everything beneath there has the same access rights and ownership.
If unsure how to do that, I can offer a remote screen sharing session, so we can have a look together. Let me know what you think.

Hi Ulf,
I moved all instruments to my external SSD drive with the Library Manager so that they load faster. These instruments all have the same rights and ownership.
In the C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content folder, all instruments also have the same rights and ownership, but this did not lead to a solution.
I hope a remote screen sharing session can help. Thank you for your time, so far.

I’ve sent you a private message, please check.

Problem solved. I uninstalled Halion Sonic SE3 completely en deleted all instruments. Then I redownloaded Halion Sonic and installed it. Then I redownloaded all the instruments and register them with Library Manager.