HALion Sonic SE3/HALion 6 are they the 'same' thing


I’ve been looking at the summer sale email that came through today and the upgrades available to HALion 6.

I have HALion Sonic SE3 as part of my Cubase package and I noticed that the upgrade to HALion 6 states it does not apply to HALion Sonic versions. Is this because they are ultimately the same but mine came as part of a bundle whereas HALion 6 is standalone?

If not, is HALion 6 a better ‘version’ and worth a full purchase of £150 at the 50% off.

Thank you


OK, so as any sensible person did I dug deeper and did some research!

So HALion Sonic 3 is a stripped down version of HALion 6 so my question now is, for someone like me who is continuing to develop in my production skills is the 6 significantly better and will open up that extra functionality that will come in useful as I progress?

Almost seems daft not to at £150 but need to understand if the difference is significant enough to be worth it



Hi SimmoMaz,

There are 3 versions of Halion. The SE version bundled with Cubase, Nuendo and Dorico is a just a player for the sound sets that come with them. Halion Sonic 3 is a separate instrument. It gives you more sound content and some editing capabilities. But you are still limited to what’s included in the package. You can mix and match different sounds but you cannot create your own sounds from scratch. If that’s what you want then you need Halion 6. It has all the editing capabilities. You can create your own instruments with macro page. Supports lua scripting. You can even create content for the SE version.

At this price it’s quite a good deal. But it’s entirely up to you whether you need or want it. I would recommend a trial first.