Halion Sonic SE3: how to relocate entire library?

I’m using Halion Sonic SE3 that comes with Dorico Pro 4. I had to switch hard drives and now the entire library is on a different drive than before.

When I boot up sounds in Dorico, Halion tells me files can’t be found, but offers me no clues as to how to reset the location of the factory library. So how do I do it?

(I’ve comprehensively googled and searched this forum as well as the manual. I’m sure the answer is there, but I haven’t found it.)

Screen Shot 2022-11-09 at 4.40.08 PM

Please use the Steinberg Library Manager. You can also double click the .vstsound files in your new hard drive to register them.

Thank you for the reply. Prior to posting, I did launch the Steinberg Library Manager with exactly this thought, but Halion was not listed in my list of products.

However - weirdly - now I relaunched the SLM and it DOES appear, so I used its Move button to point the library to its new location. That seemed to work, so I quit the SLM, quit Dorico, relaunched Dorico, and opened Halion. My instruments appear but I still get an error about missing sound files (with no further direction on how to relocate them).

Then I tried your second instruction, to double-click on the .vstsound. Note that when I went to my hard drive, I have 69 files with a .vstsound extension, so I don’t know which (or all) that I should click. I tried clicking the first one (FCP_SMT_001_HS_Synths_01.vstsound) which opened up in the SLM and it did a whole process which didn’t really make it clear what it was doing, and whether it was relocating just the synths or other ones too.

Then I relaunched Dorico, and I think it works (so far, anyway…I’ve only tested one instrument, and let’s hope the others work). So thanks for the tips!

This is not at all user-friendly though. Really bad UX!! How is a user supposed to figure this out without help?

Try this:

Steinberg Library Manager Manual