Halion Sonic SE3 instrument sets

I’ve seen a couple of YouTube videos where their Halion Sonic SE3 has a whole page of instrument sets. Mine came with Flux, HS SE Artist, HS SE Basic, HS SE Hybrid, HS SE Pro and Trip. Should I have more?

Cheers, Ian

Cubase Pro 10.0.40


You can buy some HALion Instruments (extensions).

Thanks Martin, I plan on purchasing, but just wanted to be certain I’d downloaded what I’d paid for. I thought it odd that a couple of YouTube videos showed content that is additional but reviewed it as if it was standard.

Cheers, Ian

You have all the HALion Sonic SE 3 content included in Cubase Pro 10 already available on your system. You might be getting mixed up with HALion Sonic 3 (note the lack of SE), which is available separately and includes a great deal more content.

Thanks David, I think you’re correct…good to know.

If you are looking to purchase the HALion Sonic 3 content, it is worth knowing that you have three options to buy. You can upgrade from one product to a larger product, but it is cheaper to buy the larger product to start with than upgrade.

If you just want the content with the same features as HALion Sonic SE 3, buy HALion Sonic 3.

If you want to have the additional features of the ‘full’ HALion 6 available, buy HALion 6. HALion 6 includes all the HALion Sonic 3 content and the installer even installs HALion Sonic 3 (so that you can use projects from people who only have HALion Sonic 3 or use the simpler HALion Sonic 3 interface when appropriate).

If you want any of the other content that is in Absolute 4, such as the full version of Groove Agent 5, buy Absolute 4 as it is likely to be the cheapest option. Absolute 4 is HALion 6, Groove Agent 5, The Grand 3, Retrologue 2 (which you have with Cubase Pro 10) and Padshop 2 (which is included in Cubase Pro 10.5 but not any earlier version). Absolute 4 includes some add-on content that is licensed separately at additional cost unless you own a licence as part of Absolute 4 or the content is bundled with another Steinberg product. For HALion you get Dark Planet, Hypnotic Dance, Triebwerk, HALion Symphonic Orchestra and Olympus Choir Micro; for Groove Agent you get Prime Cuts and Rock Essentials; for Padshop you get Zero Gravity and Granular Guitars. I already had HALion Symphonic Orchestra and Olympus Choir Micro as part of Dorico Pro 3, but buying Absolute 4 was still an excellent deal.

I was fortunate to buy my Absolute 4 licence when there was a brief 50% off sale at the end of last year - I paid less for Absolute 4 than a full price copy of HALion 6. Even without that deal I would have saved until I could afford Absolute 4 at full price - it didn’t make sense to me to buy one of the cheaper products and spend more money upgrading later. If you buy Absolute 4, you don’t have to install all of it - it does take around 100GB of disc space to install the lot. Indeed, you can delete some of the factory content from any of the products you have installed using Steinberg Library Manager if you really don’t have the disc space and don’t need that content. The pianos in HALion and The Grand, also the full version of The Kit in Groove Agent 5 are the biggest disc space consumers.

You must decide what works best for you - I just wanted you to understand your options as the Steinberg site doesn’t exactly make things clear.

Thanks David, your thorough assessment and advice is much appreciated. I’ll certainly take it on board when upgrading. At nearly $750 Australian for Absolute 4, I’ll be on the lookout for a sale! The Grand would be a huge drawcard, so I guess I’ll need to upgrade my disc size too.