HALion sonic SE3 missing files HELP!

I wonder if anyone can help. I wrote a support ticket 5 days ago but no reply.

I recently upgraded from Studio 4 to Artist 10.5. The HALion sonic SE3 is missing some instruments - the names appear but they won’t load - I just get tools that some files are missing and to check installation. Some instrument do load, but other’s don’t - for example, I have accordions, but no acoustic pianos - neither the SR Live Grand Piano, nor the Yamaha S90ES piano will load.

It originally installed to my C drive, which is tiny, so I moved everything to my D drive using the Library manager.

Please assume I am an IT idiot when writing your suggestions - thanks.

I would go get Halion SE3 from the Steinberg downloader

then I would uninstall the SE3, then reinstall with the latest version you downloaded.

Thanks very much.

I tried that but it actually made things worse. When I installed the version from the download manager, it had no sounds at all, either in standalone mode or within Cubase.

I uninstalled it an re-installed Halion SE using the installer they sent me when I made the purchase. This has put me back to where I was - Halion SE opens in Cubase, but lots (most) of the sounds won’t load. I also can’t see Trip in the load options - just Flux and Halion SE Artist (or “All”).

Anyone have any ideas? I still have had no reply from Steinberg.

I finally solved the problem. I’ll explain how in case it is useful to someone else.

The original download zip when I upgraded was 20.0 GB but yesterday I noticed that unzipped it was only 11.6 GB. I don’t know if the zip file was corrupted or something when wrong during the unzipping.

So I downloaded Artist again but using the Steinberg download assistant. The zip was also 20.0 GB, but this time unzipped to 25.1 GB. I ran the installer from that using the “reinstall” options.

I started up Cubase, but still had a problem with HALion SE - it said there was no “Flux” and the instrument edit button for it in Cubase was greyed out so I couldn’t access HALion at all. I went to the installer again and ran the “update” option for HALion, and this time it worked.

Running out of space on my C drive may also have been an issue I moved some things before I attempted the reinstallation.

If I could suggest an improvement for the future, it would be to allow people to choose the drive that the libraries are installed to during the initial installation. This would solve the problem of limited disc space, given that so many people now have computers with a small SSD C-drive and a big HDD D-drive.