HALion Sonic SE3 Mixer won't save volume levels


I have an SATB choral score with electric piano accompaniment. Halion Mixer defaults to setting each track at about 7 or so (out of 10). When I make adjustments, I can’t leave/close/minimize the mixer, or it returns to default settings. This happens even if I save the Dorico Project.

I have searched and searched before posting here, and have not found a solution to what should be a very simple problem.

I’d like to be able to set the levels for the entire song and have it stay there.

Could someone please help me?


Are you changing the settings in Dorico’s Mixer or in the HSSE Mix page?

In general I’d recommend making the changes in Dorico’s Mixer if you can, as those will be saved directly in the Dorico project and will always be restored.