Halion Sonic SE3 NO ENTRY SIGNS!

Hi, I just migrated to a new PC. Cubase. Artist 11 is up an running fine on the new system, however, there are new instruments listed in Halion Sonic SE3 which have a little red no-entry signs next to them and I can’t load them. Does anyone know what they are about, and how I can either load them or remove them?

You need to download the content as well as the plugin since version 11

Thanks. All the sounds I had before seem to have been installed as normal and they all work. It’s just these smaller number of sounds which I think are new because I don’t recognise the names of them. So do you mean there are 2 downloads of sounds now? I will have a look on the download manager for additional content.

Hi Again, I have looked in the download manager and I don’t see any options to download additional content for Halion Sonic SE3

Can you post a screenshot?

These red no-entry signs appear if it the preset is recognised but not supported for whatever reason.

Here’s a screenshot where you can see 2 examples, but there are lots of them. As far as I know, I installed everything exactly the way I did for the previous computer.

Do you also have Sonic (not Sonic SE)?
I just checked and in SE, I get the same red signs, but when I load Sonic, they’re shown as available to load.
So, when you install SE, it probably loads the content for Sonic too, but you can only use it if you upgrade.

I can load those 2 presets just fine in HALion Sonic SE3.

But they are part of HSSE Pro library which is probably not included with Cubase Artist.

Hi Felis, I only have Sonic SE. I wonder why it would load sounds for Sonic when I don’t have it. Do you know if there is a simple way to remove the sounds I don’t have access to?

Thanks misohoza. I have Artist 11, downloaded with the download assistant which only lists Halion Sonic SE - there is no pro library listed. I wonder why it has included sounds I can’t access. This is what the library says:

Do you have the latest version of HALion Sonic SE 3.5.0?

I believe there are some changes in how it deals with unlicensed content. I tried to install an instrument I don’t have license for.

HALion 6.4.40, HALion Sonic 3.4.40 will not show the unlicensed library, nor its presets. Cubase will throw an error message about unlicensed content and will not load it.

However the latest version of HALion Sonic SE will show the unlicensed library and the presets will show with the red no-entry sign and of course would not load.

This is probably an oversight on Steinberg’s part as the content download for Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist looks the same in Download Assistant. If you had HALion Sonic SE 3.4.40 you probably wouldn’t see those presets included with Pro only.

If you really want to get rid of them you could try to downgrade HALion Sonic SE to 3.4.40 version or you can remove the HSSE Pro library with Library Manager.

Thanks. Yes, I have 3.5.0 and I looked in the library and it seems to have downloaded HSSE pro library during the installation. So I think I’ll remove the pro library to get rid of the no entry signs. Thanks very much for your help with this.

I wonder if maybe they do it deliberately as a sort of “look what you’re missing by not buying the full version!”