Halion Sonic SE3 - No Instrument Sets

Hi All.
Cant get past this one: (Win 10 PC)
Have installed latest version Cubase 12 and Halion Sonic SE3.
When I add a track with Halion Sonic SE3 it has no instrument sets.
In the LOAD tab it says ‘All instruments Sets’ and i click on that.
Nothing happens ie: I cant see keyboards or anything.
What am I missing?

Here, I have 8 different instrument sets in the LOAD pane, among them a purchased one, a long time ago : Halion Symphonic Orchestra (110 presets).

What do you have in MediaBay, concerning HSE3 ? Here, I have 1646 presets available and I don’t remember having installed added content, beside HSO, but I could be wrong.

If you also have nothing in MediaBay, maybe a rescan is needed, unless there is either a licence issue or an access rights one.

Please run the Steinberg Library Manager and check if you’ve actually installed the content libraries.

Thank you for replying.
I have since installed Verve and I can see that in Halion Sonic instruments, but nothing else.
I have taken a screen shot of Libary Manager.
Lib Manager

Open your Steinberg Download Assistant app.

Go to your version of Cubase and get the ‘latest versions’ of the HALion SE content.

If you have Dorico, to the same thing for that app (as it adds some extra libraries, including Symphonic Orchestra, Choirs, and some other Dorico specific stuff (metronome clicks and whatnot).

If you do not have Dorico, but own Symphonic Orchestra, find that in Download assistant and grab it from there.

Repeat for any other HALion content packs you might have keys for.

Please follow these instructions to force a MediaBay rescan:

Thankyou for replying
The fix described by Steinberg Support worked.
It all sounds very good!