Halion Sonic SE3 Pitch wheel on virtual synth is stuck pitched up

Need Help! The pitch wheel on the virtual synth Halion Sonic SE3 is stuck. When I move the pitch wheel on my controller keyboard ( Novation Impulse 49 ) I see the virtual pitch wheel move as well but when I set it to the center position it jumps back to the pitched up position… I have erased all of the pitch controller information from the tracks but the wheel still will not return to the middle zero pitch position… This is very frustrating, I don’t why it won’t go back to center position…

Can anyone help me on this? I can’t continue with my new song and it’s really good…:pray:t2:

It is very difficult to say anything about this.
I don’t know this effect, neither now with HALion Sonic 7 nor earlier with HS SE 3.

What does it look like when you manually draw a pitch bend event on the zero line in the key editor?

I can draw a 0 pitch but the pitch wheel still jumps to one half tone above zero pitch. The phone number listed to contact support in Spain on the web doesn´t work. Does anyone have a good phone number to actually talk to someone about my problem, I´m totally stuck…! I tried the on line chat in the USA but they said the can’t help someone in Spain… I even settle for a working on line chat for Spain but can’t find one…

Try going to OPTIONS/MIDI CONTROLLER/Controller Assignment/Reset to factory

Turns out that the pitch wheel on my controller was bad… Novation sent me a new pitch wheel free of charge, very cool…:+1:t2: