HALion Sonic Selection IAP Content Download Issues | Read here

Dear all,

Some of our users have reported problems downloading the HALion Sonic Selection IAP content.

Here, many of these users seemed to have successfully managed downloading the instrument’s contents after several attempts.

For some users, establishing a phone hotspot to iPad worked out to download the HALion Sonic Selection content.

Important Note: To resolve the issue yourself, we strongly advise against deleting the Cubasis app, without first having carried an external backup of your data. Below please find a few recommendations which you may give a try instead.

Our engineering is currently evaluating the problem with high priority, with the aim of solving the problem as quickly as possible.

We ask you for a little patience and will do our best to keep you updated about the progress.

Thanks in advance,

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Here are a few more recommendations if you encounter issues, downloading the content of the HALion Sonic Selection in-app purchase:

  • Make sure that there is enough free disk space, at least 2 times the required download size, which is required for extracting the file. (HALion Sonic Selection > 1,8 GB Download Size, Neo FM and FM Classics > 25 MB Download Size each).

  • Don’t turn your device’s display off and don’t switch apps (or to the home screen) while a download is running.

  • Make sure that no other apps are running in the background, while a download is running.

  • Keep your device close to (in the same room as) your WiFi router.

  • How many devices are connected to your WiFi router? Try disabling WiFi on your other devices during a download.

  • Does your WiFi router offer multiple networks, maybe with and without a “2G” postfix? Try both, the one without 2G is the better choice.

  • If you have a VPN, try turning it off (or on, or select a different region).

  • Try in a different WiFi network, for example at your friend’s home.

Cubasis 3.6.1 available

Dear all,

Some of our users have reported problems downloading the HALion Sonic Selection IAP content.

To address the problem we are glad to announce the immediate availability of Cubasis 3.6.1 and Cubasis LE 3.6.1 for iOS.

This update adds the option to resume the download from the point where it failed, enabling all users to finish the download.

Warm greetings,

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