Halion Sonic settings

Hi all,

I am looking for some advise from either all you forum users or SB direct!

You can see my system spec below but I wanted to check that I had Halion Sonic set up properly as, whenever I fire it up, my cpu metre goes up to around 60% and that does not seem right???

On the options page of HS I have the multi core checked, but am I missing something else?

I must admit to being a complete luddite with this technology although I have managed to teach myself some stuff, but this is beyond me, so any advise will be highly appreciated :smiley:

Jim B

Hi Jim,

were you able to overcome your problem? The performance might have gone up that high because the buffer size of your CI1 might have been set too small. If you load several slots in HS - including some FX in there - this might cause the VSI performace to go up that high with latency setting being set too small (latency is proportional with the buffer size).
You PC is not one of the fastest any more so you have to be careful with latency settings.



Thanks for your assistance.
I am away from my puter at the moment but I will look at the CI1 settings and have a play.
I’ll let you know how I get on.

Jim B

I found that unchecking the multi-core option helped, especially when using in C8, when that option is already checked.