Halion Sonic - Sound just stops

Running Halion Sonic 2 in Cubase 7.5

Boot HS up, change a patch. Play my keyboard. Sounds come out.

Play for a bit, (sometimes a minute, sometimes 20) the sound just stops. I can see it accepting midi messages, I just don’t get any sound.

remove HS from the rack and re add it, reassign the patch (again) I get sound again for a little while.

It is driving me mad, to the extent I’ve given up using Halion Sonic for the moment.

Any ideas if this is a known bug? Any ideas on how to stop this happening?

Same problem. channels 4 and 5 set to gtr sounds just ceased to work for me, but as you say Halion registering the midi in, but not outputting any sound. I was running quite a few instruments and thought it might be a polyphony issue, so I reduced polyphony on all instruments to no avail. I set up the sounds again on channels 11 and 12, they worked for a short time and then went dead. Have you had any luck resolving this since you posted the issue.

Digging up an old thread but this happened to me in C8 with HS2 when i was playing live the other day. I had to reload the project to make it work again.
I’m looking into it so if i get an solution i will let you know.
My thoughts are some sort of midi buffer fills up inside the vst.