HALion Sonic Stops playing after a minute or two

This has been posted a few times over the years with no solution.
Just upgraded to Absolute 5.
I don’t normally use Halion Sonic, so I cant say for sure this started with Absolute 5 upgrade.

With HALion Sonic, after playing from about 30sec to 5 minutes, it stops producing sound. HalSonic does not freeze, just stops outputting sound.
In Sonic, the MIDI indicator and virtual keyboard still show activity, but no indication on the track MIDI indicator.

When in the No-Sound condition, I can still “play” a part, or play from the MIDI controller and see MIDI activity in Sonic but not at the track level (and no sound of course)

Doing a MIDI>Reset fixes it till it happens again. Happens with most any sound library, with the time to fault varying from 1 to several minutes.

So far, it does not seem to happen with the full HALion.
Buffer-preload setting are the same between Halion and Hal Sonic (15000MB).

Nothing redlines on the performance meter.

Hopefully this provides a few clues to move this forward.