Halion Sonic trial activation price

Hi All,

hope you’re having a good Easter…

When i bough Cubase 6 a couple of years ago it came with a voucher to activate the full version of Halion Sonic for 99€.
Now I’d like to use that voucher but when I checked the Steinberg website, in the shop session, I noticed that now the price to apermanently activate the trial version is 199€.
I wonder if I’m still eligible to pay 99€ instead of 199€.

Does anyone know this?

thanks in advance.

Sorry I can’t answer your question but…

A few months ago I received an email from Steinberg offering me Halion Sonic for 99Euros. Unfortunately I was on vacation and got back home the day after the offer closed. I sent Steinberg sales an immediate email saying I wanted to buy Halion Sonic at the offer price and explained about my vacation causing me to just miss the offer date.

Steinberg had no sympathy whatsoever and said I had to pay the full price 199euros. I really would like to purchase Halion Sonic but being bloody minded I refuse to pay 199euros when it was offered for 99euros the day before.



We think alike. I used to subscribe to a guitar lesson service on line. I joined for $99.00. When that expired the next year they refused to offer a renewal for the same price. In the last 2 years I have received 6-7 offers to renew for $99.00 . Being of like mind, I feel like I was not appreciated so I REFUSE to sign up again until I get a Super special deal …and since that wont happen, I’m NOT joining !!

Here’s the problem, Halion is really nice though, you’d use and enjoy it