Halion Sonic -- two questions

Hello Dorico users
I set up an orch score. Then afterwards I added two other players - clarinet 2 and tuba 2. When I try and edit the sounds, I find that the two instruments added later have been put in a whole different Halion Sonic group from the ones added at setup. A piano has also been added (tho I didn’t add it.) This is how it looks…

Is there any way to combine them in one group?

You can reapply the playback template via Play > Playback Template, which will re-add everything in score order. But I wouldn’t worry about this, as it really doesn’t matter.

Thanks, Daniel. But, as a Cubase user too, I’m trying to understand how playback works in Dorico.

Well, I don’t know what exactly you’re trying to understand: Dorico manages the sound loading for you, so it doesn’t matter what order they appear in. You don’t ever even need to open the HSSE window in the normal run of things. If you have more specific questions, please feel free to ask them, but the answer to your original question about how you get to influence the order in which sounds are loaded into HSSE is that, if you allow Dorico to do it for you as we recommend, you can’t influence it.

Hello Daniel, Thanks for this reply, and the others. I had also had an issue with the second (later installed) clarinet playing back far too loud. But your suggestion of Play > Playback Template fixed it. Thanks.