Halion Sonic upgrade path

Just double checking here. I have whatever Halion(Sonic) comes with Cubase 12 Pro.

Is there an upgrade discount available for this? (I don’t think there is?)


No. Cubase was supplied with the free version of HALion (HALion Sonic SE 3, which has now been replaced by HALion Sonic 7) and some HALion content.

If you want HALion Sonic Collection 7 or HALion 7 then you have to buy them at full price. If you can afford it, consider buying Absolute 6, as it is much better value overall: it gives you HALion 7, Groove Agent 5 (the full version, not the SE version that is in Cubase), Backbone, The Grand 3, Retrologue 2 and Padshop 2, plus some extensions for HALion, Groove Agent, Retrologue and Padshop that normally require additional chargeable licences. Retrologue 2 and Padshop 2 are, of course, included in your Cubase licence, though you cannot get a discount on Absolute from Cubase, only standalone Retrologue 2 and Padshop 2 licences.

Gotcha. Thanks for the info.

My understanding of it is that HALion Sonic 7 is now the new, free (as in beer) content player, so even if you don’t have a license for the “full” HALion or Absolute, you should be able to download and install HALion Sonic 7. The only restriction is on the content.

If you then have HALion Sonic 7 installed, and you open a Cubase project that previously used HALion Sonic SE 3, you’ll find that it is actually HALion Sonic 7 that’s playing your sounds, yet you get the advantages of the new player.

I have yet to test this on a system that does not have “full” HALion or Absolute licenses though.

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