Halion Sonic user library

Dear HAlion Sonic user,

this forum section is for HALion Sonic presets made by users.

In case, you´ve created HALion Sonic presets you´d like to share with others, please come up with a topic in this section with the remark [HALion Sonic Preset] in the title and attach your preset file.
We will add the preset to this list.

Installing the sounds with HALion Sonic is very easy:

  1. Download and unpack the sounds.
  2. Open HALion Sonic’s Load page.
  3. Drag the VST presets from your file browser to the Load page and drop them.

All sounds have the library name “HALion Sound Forum” so you can easily search them, e.g., just enter the word “Forum” as search text. The files get copied to the user folder, so make sure the User Content button is activated when searching for them.

Thank you for sharing your works!

Your Steinberg team.