I have a quick question regarding Halion Sonic. I just upgraded to Cubase 6 and am using the trial version of Halion Sonic. I think its awesome, but here is my question.

I add a Instrument track to my project and set halion Sonic as the instrument. lets say i put Taurus sound. I record and all is well. The i add another instrument track and load a second instance of halion Sonic to record on the same song with a new sound. However it keeps layering the sound with the sound used on the previous track. i am not that great with MIDI in general. I tried changing the second instance to MIDI Channel 2 but then nothing came out. Again these are both set up straight from an Instrument Track. Is it different if I set up VST Instrument in the VST instruments panel and then load up MIDI Tracks? Just trying to use Halion Sonic oin a few tracks with different sounds - not layered.

Any help is appreciated.


Mike Pelle

Halion Sonic is multitimbral, the best way to use it is in the VST instrument rack.
I think you might want to read the Cubase operation manual from p. 207 to understand the concept of the instrument channels and instrument tracks.
After that check the Halion Sonic SE manual Under “Midi Setup and Mixing” how to set up Halion Sonic.


I will check that section out

Mike Pelle

I agree with “niles”, page 207 and on would be a great thing for you to read and understand.

The VST Instrument window can be thought of as a hardware rack (in software). And in order to use an instrument in it, you need to create one (or more) MIDI Track that “points” to that one instance, using the “Output Routing” on the MIDI Track. This method has a similar operation to using external MIDI modules/keyboard, but in software instead.

I used to use this method all the time, but have gotten so used to Instrument Tracks. What you are experiencing, I have not. You “normally” (who can tell what that is) don’t need to touch the MIDI channel for an Instrument Track, since the point is to have an instance of everything in a bundle, so to speak.

Hope this helps some.