Halion Sonic velocity not read

Actually it’s all said in the title : I don’t know how to get Cubase to read velocities under each midi note of my Halion Sonic track. I am sure there is an easy answer but I don’t have it.
Any clue?

My Cubase and Nuendo both read the velocity values all the time…
Maybe your preset is not able to handle it correctly… or you transformed your MIDI…

difficult to say what exactly is causing this…

So are you saying that during playback Cubase is not playing the velocities in the controller lane but is playing at constant velocity?

Yes, as you can see I even set velocity to zero for some notes, but they are still played at the same level.

I can’t think of too much, so this is a bit of a stretch, but check to see if you have “Change Velocities” checked in the Dynamic Mapping Setup (drop-down arrow in lower left corner of the editor window), and if so check to see in score editor if you’ve somehow inadvertently entered a dynamic marking (pp, p, mp, f, ff, etc)

Thanks for your answer!
Change Velocities is checked, and as for the score editor, I never use it, and it doesn’t seem to have any marking in here.

Could you check with the MIDI monitor that the MIDI events are actually being sent with the different velocity values? You can load the MIDI monitor as a MIDI insert effect.

If the MIDI monitor shows different velocity values than the key editor, then please have a look here for the settings:

Okay, problem solved!

Earlier in my project I had tried to use Arpache on this instrument track (thanks for bringing up the screenshot with the Midi insert menu!), and I had forgotten about it.
It must have been somehow interfering with my midi track, I have no idea how, but anyway.

Thanks for your help!