Halion Sonic vs. Halion Sonic SE functionality?

Anyone know if Halion Sonic will autoload sounds by just selecting them in the browser like in Halion Sonic SE? :nerd:

I know it’s just an extra click per sound, but being able to audition sounds by just using the arrow keys does speed-up the process significantly yea?


You can use the Cubase sound browser with HALion Sonic without opening up the plug-in UI. And yes, you can also use the arrow up/down keys in the sound browser to audition sounds whilst playing your MIDI keyboard.

I hope this is what you were asking (or close anyways). Sorry if it was not!

Yes…thanks for the work around! It’s a little strange having the two browsers show conflicting information if you open both the plug-in and the program selection area of the track inspector. :confused:

Maybe one day synchronizing them together will make it on the “to do” list .

Thanks again for the reply! You’ve been very helpful!