HALion Sonic vs Symphonic Orchestra

I’m having trouble understanding the difference between HALion Sonic SE and Symphony Orchestra.

Is there any reason why I should use the Symphonic Orchestra VST? I can’t select all the samples from that VST, whereas I can from HALion.

Also, when I switch to Symphonic Orchestra, my sound output level is massively reduced.

And it seems like it only works with one channel, with all players using the same sample. So do I have to create separate VST instruments for each Player if I use SO?

Am I missing something? Because it seems fairly pointless if we’ve already got HSSE.

My understanding is that SO has more sounds. SE is a reduced sound set. They both use the same SE Player VST.

Here’s the selections I can make in SO:

And here’s the selections I can make in SE:

The little orange drop-down list where it looks like you can select which sample sets to use doesn’t work in either VST.

The player interface is different for each VST. SO can only support one instrument, but SE can support up to 16 in one go.

Ah: I’ve figured out the difference in volume, which was caused by the wrong Expression map in SO.
Screen Shot.png
Screen Shot 1.png

Ah. Thanks, Craig.

TL;DR: Don’t bother with the Symphonic Orchestra VST.