Halion Sonic7 Mediabay not showing any presets

So, I was casually working on a project and wanted to add a new halion instrument. I’ve used halion in many tracks in the project, and it worked fine. Now, I’ve added halion and there are no presets shown in the mediabay. It is showing no instruments other than the “Init Program” instrument. I don’t know how to fix this…

same here

I understand you I’m not take any software anymore from Steinberg

The first thing I would try is to run Steinberg Download Assistant, which will ensure that your MediaBay component is updated to the latest version.

Well, there was something about Halion to update and now that it’s updated it seems to be working. Thanks!

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Hello and what if Steinberg Download Assistant isn’t solution. I reinstalled Halion - no luck. Still have same window with “init Program”.

I have the same issue - I have reinstalled everything, but nothing is listed. Any ideas?