HALion & SSE level & Pan not displaying in C9.5.30

I realize that you would think that this should be posted in VST Instruments, but it is a problem that is only happening while the instrument is withing Cubase. Stand alone displays normally. The sliders of level and pan can be moved but no numerical values show up, just the rectangle as pointed to by the arrow in the png clips that I have attached. Using the latest eLicencer.

Nothing fancy in the way of a system.
Cubase 9.5.30
Capture HSSE Pan Arrow Clipped.png
Capture HSSE Level Arrow Clipped.png
Capture HALion Arrow Clipped.png

This is likely a video driver issue.
Open your video driver settings. Save the current settings as a preset. Restore the driver settings to factory defaults.
Launch cubase and see if the issue is still there then load your saved driver settings.

The video driver hasn’t updated since 2018-03-15 and is for an NVIDIA GeForce GTX1070. If that is what you are referring to. I don’t like updating new nvidia drivers because they usually cause to many unexpected problems and I don’t play games. This problem only showed up in the last few days.

Thanks for the idea. I kept noticing that nvidia in game overlay wanted permission to start. Went into GeForce Experience and turned off that option and voila. Fixed. Very much appreciated nudge.