Halion Standalone Not working in El Capitan

Hi, on my Mac I recently upgraded from Yosemite to El Capitan and HAlion standalone as stopped working, in the sense that I can’t send it midi or even trigger sounds by hitting keys on the keyboard.
What is odd is Halion Sonic is still working fine and for the most part Halion vst3 in Cubase and Halion au in NI Maschine seem to work fine.

Now if I change in Halion standalone from my Komplete Audio 6 core audio device to built in, the midi works and sound out works…

very strange.
any insights?

what do you mean?

hi, in the asio section and I choose a different audio device…my usual sound card is NI"S Komplete Audio 6, if I change to Built in Audio as my audio device, midi works again.
hope that is clearer.

did you upadated the current version of the NI Komplete Audio 6 firmware/-driver?

Hi, it has the latest firmware, but there is no driver for it. I think that comes built in core audio.
But strange that halion sonic works not halion?

i think halion needs more CPU-power, than halion sonic. so there could be even the problem, too.

did you informed yourself on NI website or in the manual of your Komplete, that may there is a particular driver for it?

It is class compliant and every other software on the macbook pro (its an audio only computer), work fine.

maybe it´s really an intern issue? did you looked already in the internet, if there is someone, who have the same problem,too. with the compatiiblity with NI Komplete Audio 6 and Mac Yosemite or even the new version, which you´ve updated now to?

It worked fine on yosemite btw.
I have seen some issues with halion but not specifically with Komplete Audio 6.

did you already looked in the NI website (forum), if anybody got the same Problems with El Capitan?