Halion Symphonic Orchestra also with Artist 6.5?

Hello All.

Simple question. Does the Symphonic Orchestra trial also come with Cubase Artist 6.5? And if so - Do I need to activate it somewhere to get it working in Cubase?

For Cubase (not sure about Artist):

Here is what it looks like to me. Currently you can only get 6.5 as a download, so it does not come with the Soundset. However, if you are upgrading from C6, you already have the the soundset

If you are upgrading from an earlier version, then I believe you get a boxed C6 (someone please correct me if I’m wrong), which has the soundset, then you apply the downloadable C6.5 upgrade.

I imagine eventially that they will sell a boxed C6.5. I would assume it would contain the soundset, but of course I do not know that.

So in the end I believe you have the soundset.

You then need to activate the trial, which I believe comes as part of the C6 license.

If you decide to buy it, go here:


What I don’t know is if Cubase Artist 6 comes with the HSO Soundset. I believe it does, but someone else will need to confirm that.