Halion Symphonic Orchestra demo MIDI files?

I’ve just listened to the demos for the latest incarnation of HSO and I’m wondering if Steinberg could make available the source MIDI files or Cubase project files for these incredible demos?

It would make it so much easier to learn how to get the best from HSO if we could see how the demos are constructed.

good idea

Aloha guys.

Yes! Agreed that would be very nice but keep in mind;
that this is someones hard work, who may have an agreement with Steiny
to not release the MIDI files.

I know that if I had done that work, I would not want it released
until/unless someone paid me for it.

So the question:
How much would you pay for these (or any) MIDI ‘demos’?


:unamused: Steinberg should include them with the trial download – why should I have to pay to convince myself to buy a product?

You don’t.
That’s what the demos are for; to help convice you.

But to get access to the actual MIDI work; that’s a totally diff story.

It would be like asking a pro photographer for not only copies of taken pictures
but for the negatives as well.
Or asking an author for a copy of the original manuscript of a book.

Ain’t gonna happen without some sort of compensation;
and the price of Cubase does not include that additional info.

That being said, the author of this work must be very pleased that folks want a copy. :slight_smile:
Which means to me a very good job was done.

Ask yourself. Would people want a copy of your MIDI work?
And would you give it away for free?

If so, enough talk. Lets have it.

I’ve already been using HSO for years; but one of the biggest problems I encountered was understanding how to get the best out of the patches. Luckily I already had the “old” old version … the one that came as a separate VSTi … and the manual with that was pretty good, but just look at the number of posts here from people who have the problem of “no sound from HSO” to understand that it’s not a plug’n’play type of instrument.

It’s not in the slightest bit unreasonable to ask for a few MIDI files that showcase the product.

i have posted what i think is the reason of that as a question today.
When i bought it i had the same problem. The presets sound need to be controlled in an odd way.
It seems a programming flaw.

HSO has beautifull velocity X-fades (sb term expression) programmed on MW1. (certainly their lower velocities are great)
But, for all the presets they have put de dynamic range to max so you don’t hear a damn thing of the potential of those samples if you do not know that you have to turn the dynamic range to 0.
HSO has some very nice soft expressions, but the way it is presented/programmed is to say at least “strange”.

It would be nice if you could override that dynamic range setting by just one manipulation somewhere in the software.

kind regards,

That’s what I do in Halion or in the new standalone vst3 plugin. Dail the dynamic range knop a notch.

I know, and that is what i do too.
But i don’t want to turn that knob every time again and again and again… :slight_smile:
Ok, i could make 110 presets but then everything is standing there twice, and that is a lot of work.

A little twiggle where you can turn QC1 standard to zero (but only for that library, and even better the parameter itself to 0) once and for all should be possibble, no ? :wink:

I hope one of the SB guys know a way to do this. This is possible, that i’m sure of, but how…

For me a symphonic bank that makes extensive use of velocity-X-fading with samples should have volume done with CC7 or the mixer, and the value for velocity to the amplifier envelope to 0, or very low values.

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Looks like I’m not the only one who would like a few example projects …

As an aside, years ago Yamaha used to supply demo MIDI files with their hardware MIDI expanders … and I remember one of the demo tunes they used for the DB50XG card was “Black Cow” from Steely Dan’s “Aja” album.

Just to pull out this old threat:

I found the old manual for HSO.
And what did i read?
There was a Cubase - Project on the installation DVD, to explain HSO.


Sorry, normally i am a silent person, but this makes me very sad.

Regards. Dirk

The old Halion Player version isn’t compatible with the new Halion Sonic-based one. Even if there was some compatibility, the presets for the new Halion Sonic version have been reprogrammed so they wouldn’t sound as intended.

Someone who’s capable of doing a pro-quality orchestral demo and is also willing to allow the original project to be distributed wouldn’t be cheap in 2017.

Fun to see this pop up again.
An easy solution should be the addition of a global dynamics knob that allows you to reconfigure the dynamics for the entire instrument, and thus not only incorporated at the preset level. They can leave those like they are, but if you could have a global access for the dynamics it would be a lot more obvious for the people who work with the vsti.

kind regards,

Sorry, but what big problem happened between 2014 and today, that Steinberg is not able to write a little MIDI-File, that explains the possibilities of HSO?

As you see at Youtube, there is a video from Steinberg, that explains shortly HSO. And they use a litte piece of Mozart to explain HSO. But if you want to know more about it, you can buy a 4,5h long tutorial for JUST 29€. Tssss…

Today everyone is only interested in making money. Including Steinberg.
And i was so stupid to buy HSO, and now i am a conductor of an orchestra, but don`t know how to hold the baton.
Also the manual of HSO is not so big, as it was before.

As i bought Sequencer Plus Gold decades ago, there was a MIDI-File with a Ragtime-Blues. For free. And i still have it.
Damn, if they would have known it then. How much money did they lost because it was for free?


You’re correct! Cubase 5 also came with a demo version of HSO, and on the installation DVD (3 of 4) there was a project, made with Cubase SX3, of Schubert’s Symphony No. 8. The task would be to adapt that to the current version.

And that can’t be a big problem for Steinberg. Also because, they want to satisfy their costumers. Or?

I wrote a support-ticket to Steinberg.
Let’s see, what happens.