Halion Symphonic Orchestra for 99€?


maybe I’ll get a respone in this subforum with a new topic.

on my quest for an affordable orchestral sample library without annoying iLok, I’ve come to Steinberg’s Halion Symphonic Orchestra. Now there are some issues:

1.) I’ve downloaded the trial version (http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/vs … rsion.html)
and installed the eLicenser, since without it, nothing would actually work. Now having done this, it tells me “No valid license detected” if I try to load it into my DAW (FL Studio). Why do I need a license for trial products, and where do I find it?

2.) Is it true that I get a complete orchestral library with all instruments/sections and articulations for 99€??? Appears a little unrealistic to me. But there is, unfortunately, NO information WHATSOEVER on any of the Steinberg pages. Not even in the manual that comes with the trial version is anything mentioned about the specifications of the program (which instruments are implemented, what sections, what articulations - I mean exactly, not general statements like “over hundreds of different programs” etc.) and if there are different versions of Halion Symphonic Orchestra, or only the 99€-version. Can anyone help me to clarify things, please?

Thanks in advance,

I do not know if you have seen this page but here are a couple of information on the HSO:



Yes, I have indeed seen this page, also “What you get”-subsection etc.

But as I stated, it’s not a thorough information. What does, e.g., “all common articulations” mean? Is Spiccato covered? What kind of instrument patches do I have (Solo Instruments, Sections, Smaller/Bigger Sections, whole woodwind/brass orchestra, full orchestra)? What exactly do I get?

Also, I am kind of suscipious of what this would offer me for 99€, since, for example, here

it is mentioned that the price is 499€. So is it the same version in a discount, or a different with reduced functionality, or only if you already have CuBase?

Yes , 99 euro is default price …when there is a dicsount period you can get it for 50 euro this Halion Symphonic Orchestra.
That is a reasonable price 99 euro for what this soundset has to offer, compared with the pro libraries.

The 499€ is a very old price, for the same product.

You may find some useful info in the manual, starting from page 40: