HALion Symphonic Orchestra from Dorico AND Cubase


I know that Dorico comes with the complete HALion Symphonic Orchestra library. I was wondering if I could use this inside my DAW, cubase?

Yes, provided you have a full Dorico license, then you also have a full HALion Symphonic Orchestra license, and you can use HSO in Cubase or other VST hosts, on the same computer on which your Dorico license is installed (or if you move your Dorico license to your USB-eLicenser, on any computer into which you plug your USB-eLicenser).

There is no standalone mode, correct? Dorico is my first Steinberg product.

That’s correct: I believe the full HALion Sonic and HALion products can run as stand-alone applications, but HALion Sonic SE cannot.

There does exist a plugin player for just the “Halion Symphonic Orchestra Library” content (it ignores all Halion content packs but HSO). On my system it shows up as plugins called “Symphonic Orchestra.dll” and “Symphonic Orchestra.vst3”.

It provides one instrument per instance and for me it runs fine in things like Sibelius or Finale.

I’m not sure at which point this little plugin got installed on my system. I did buy Halion Symphonic Orchestra some time ago before getting Dorico.

Halion 5 or the full version Halion Sonic 2 can both be used in any host you like, and both have stand alone versions.
Both of these VSTi plugins have a good bit of content (strings, winds, brass) that is not in SE, nor in the Halion Orchestral libraries. Since you’ve got a Steinberg USB key now, why not grab the Demos and give them a shot?

No USB key for me, actually… I downloaded. It’s OK… Running out of HD space anyway!

It would be good if those of us who have bought Halion Symphonic Orchestra twice already!!! (once as standalone once as Halion SE2 Player) could get a discount on Dorico!

How do Dorico Pro owners get Halion Symphonic Orchestra to use in other DAW’s like Logic? When I try to use its in logic, I get the “Program Failed to Load” error. I read on another post to use Halion Sonic SE3. Can we use both Halion Symphonic Orchestra and Halion Sonic SE3 in other DAW’s? Sonic doesn’t even show up in Logic as a plugin, and Symphonic Orchestra doesn’t load anything. Do we need a special serial num her or something as owners of Dorico Pro?

I can’t get it to show up in studio one either, but I read on their forum that it had something to do with the elicenser program not being updated to accommodate the new permission issues with macOS.

Well that’s too bad, Daniel clearly stated above that it works. Let’s see if a Steinberg employee can respond with an answer.

I see Halion Sonic SE and Symphonic Orchestra under the instruments list in studio one 4.5
make sure program files \steinberg \ vstplugins is in the location list vst plugin tab

Well, Daniel is also a Steinberg employee…

In general, yes, if you have a Dorico license then you can use HSO also in other DAWs.
But as mentioned already, due to Apple’s recent tighter security measurements on OS level,
also the other DAW vendors need to make changes to their program in order to run eLicenser protected plug-ins.
This holds also true for other plug-ins like VSL.
We are currently in contact with the other vendors in order to help them make these changes.
But since it is not in our hand, we can’t tell which and when other DAWs will be compatible again.

Thank You!

weirdly I did try blacklisting everything steinberg but I still haven’t been prompted to grant synopsos access so HSO still doesn’t show up. I may have to reinstall S1 to force it to do all the setup prompts again, now that I’ve updated the elicenser.

You don’t need to whitelist anything from Steinberg, all our plug-ins are VST3 and you only need to whitelist VST2 plugs. And this whitelisting is only necessary for Dorico. Other DAWs don’t care about it.
And what do you mean with “still haven’t been prompted to grant Synsopos access”? Normally you are never prompted by or for Synsopos. Synsopos automagically launches in the background.
To be honest I don’t really understand what you are struggling at the moment with. A little more explanation would help.

I was referencing getting halion to show up in studio one, not Dorico. My apologies if I caused confusion.

I tried this in Reaper, and Halion does show up as one of the VST plugins available, see screenshots below. So this should work in any DAW. Make sure you know where all of you VSTs are installed, and point your DAW to the exact path.

If you have a lot of VSTs, I recommend to create and maintain a spreadsheet that keeps track of everything. It’s so easy to forget where things are, after you have been collecting VSTs for years. Especially with format changes (VST 2 to VST 3), changes to 64 bit, and so on. Snapshot 3 is a screengrab of my VST spreadsheet. Whenever I buy something I put it in there, where it is installed, version, what drive samples are installed to etc.

Also a lifesaver if your computer ever dies and you need to reinstall everything. At least you’ll know what you need to reinstall.

Then normally you just need to set in Studio 1 the paths to the plug-ins.
But then again, there is that other security issue, but I think Studio 1 just announced a compatible version, so that it can now launch eLicenser protected plug-ins.