HALion Symphonic Orchestra Install

Hi, everyone!

I’m setting up my recording rig on a new PC. I’m running Cubase 10.5. Installation has gone smooth enough, but I’ve come across a hiccup. I own Helion Symphonic Orchestra, but I don’t know how to install it.

I used Steinburg Download Assistant and it downloaded a folder called HALion Symphonic Orchestra that contained 27 .vstsound files. No installer to be Found. What do I do with these files in order to get HSO to appear in HALion Sonic SE 3?

HSO does not appear in my instrument sets. It is also not listed in my Steinburg Library Manager?

Thanks for any assistance that you can provide!

What happens if you double click any of the vstsound files in the HSO download folder?

Do you get the Steinberg Library Manager?

If so, register HSO from there. Make sure you have HSO registered in your eLisencer.

Library manager sees my HSO as already registered, but it is not available from HALion. Don’t know what to do… : :confused:

Can I/ should I download the dedicated HSO vst plugin?

If the vstsound files for the library are already somewhere on your system, simply double click one of them and register with the Stienberg Library Manager. Possibly de-register and re-register.

If they’re not somewhere on the system, then download it again with Steinberg downloader.

You don’t really need the old single instance HSO plugin anymore. HSO work through the latest versions of Sonic SE, Sonic, or full HALion, and now all of those plugins can run in any host you like that’s 64bit and supports VST2, VST3, AU, or ATX.

Tried that. Doesn’t work. I have all the vstsound files, migrated from the old computer and hard drive to the new ssd. Everything else showed up like it should.

It’s an aging sample set, but some patches sound very good thanks to hermode tuning, especially brass ones like French horns. I want it back…

I have exactly the same problem, I had to reinstall my computer yesterday, after that, the instrument Symphonic Orchestra doesn’t load. :confused:

For some weird reason, the HSO patches load in HALion One (bundled with Cubase 11, don’t know if that was possible all along, as I never use HALion One).