Halion Symphonic Orchestra - No velocity!


I am just getting around to using the Halion Sonic and Halion Symphonic Orchestra plugins that are included in the Cubase 6 package of which I have upgrade to full from the trial versions.

I have applied some HSO string sounds to an existing track and I’ve been attempting to modify the dynamics by adjusting velocity levels. The first thing that I’ve noticed is that after saving my track with the Halion Sonic mod wheel at full for each channel of HSO, then reloading, the mod wheel has returned to zero requiring modification on each channel.

Having loaded up an expression map for ‘Violins 1A Combi’ I have manage to get the articulations to work but the dynamics do not have any effect either with velocity or expression. This is the same for the respective maps for Viola, Cello & Double Bass combi patches.

I am able to get Halion Sonic to respond to expression via track automation but still have the problem of the mod wheel when I reload as the two seem to be independent.

As an experiment I loaded the default file from Cubase, loaded up Halion Sonic and used the ‘create MIDI track’ option and loaded some data with the ‘Violas Legato 12-24 Players’ patch. When I set the note velocities to 1 it produces the same sound as when they are set to 127. There is also no variation in velocity by using the ‘vel shift’ function of the ‘MIDI Modifiers’ MIDI insert.

Is this how it should be? If not please help.

Also I’m a bit confused about my version of Halion Sonic. I understood that by upgrading from the trial version supplied with Cubase 6 I would have the full version but having read another post I think that this might not be the case. Please can you clarify what is a ‘full’ version and is there an update available for the version I have?
Many thanks

…further to my previous post I am working on a song using Halion Sonic factory content and the velocity/mod wheel issue is non existent. :confused:

Did you Write automation to keep it at the desired level?

For the expression issues, try dragging the part to a new MIDI track to see if the part or track is causing the issue.

I am able to get Halion Sonic to respond to expression via track automation but still have the problem of the mod wheel when I reload as the two seem to be independent.

Thanks for your reply.

I tried writing on Expression automation in one track and it worked but independently of the mod wheel. When I close the file then reopen the mod wheel stays at zero despite the automation setting for the start of the track being set at a value of 64. This seems to be an issue with HSO content as the mod wheel controls the volume of the part. With the Halion Sonic Factory Content there is no such issue as the mod wheel controls vibrato so it is better that it is set a zero by default. Also the Halion Sonic Factory Content responds to changes in velocity with no problem.

I been looking at a previous post:-


and found this:-

Yes, the presets in HALionSymphonic are a bit special… as you have noticed, their main volume is initially controlled by the modwheel. (while CC#11 still works as a kinda “sub-set”).
You might want to experiment, in the VST Dynamics setup, by activating (or maybe even replacing) the parameter, just underneath “Send volume” (which you have set to “CC11 Expression”), to “Send Controller” (and setting it to “CC1 Modulation”). It’s down to taste, which one will give the more satisfactory results

So by using CC#1 in automation instead of CC#11 I can overcome the mod wheel issue (I’ll obviously have to start saving some track presets!). Maybe there’s a different controller for Velocity???