Halion Symphonic Orchestra: Program Changes - How?

Hi folks

I can’t figure out how to do a program change (i.e. to change the sound) on the fly using Halion Symphonic Orchestra with Cubase (5).

I’ve tried clicking on HSO interafce and changing the patch, while the piece is playing, while having Write Automation enabled, or in record mode, but it doesn’t record the program change.

Clicking the Program Selector field in the Inspector in Cubase has no effect…

Any help appreciated.

Normally, when you switch from one program to another on your keyboard (or whatever you use to record), a number corresponding to that program is sent out via MIDI as a Program Change message. These can be recorded on the fly with the music, recorded afterwards on a separate track, or manually entered in the Key or List Editors.

Be sure they are not filtered. (MIDI-filter)

But probably any controller or the key commands can be used for inserting program changes also.

Thanks for your reply - but no joy. I managed to get my midi keyboard to change the plugin preset (the Cubase one in the little field at the top). However changing this during recording has no effect on playback, despite a program change being recorded in the program change lane in the midi data.

I also tried recording a midi channel change and having a different instrument on a different channel in HSO, but the change of midi channel wasn’t recorded. I don’t think anything is being midi filtered.