Halion Symphonic Orchestra Re-Download


I bought Halion Symphonic Orchestra about 6 months ago or so and I wanted to download it again, but I can’t seem to find it in the list of products in my account, or a serial number to activate anywhere. I also searched my email but it’s not there either.

Does anyone know where I can find it? Or how to get in touch directly with the department that can help?



You should be able to download it from the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Hey, thanks for your help!

I’ve downloaded it from the download assistant, but when I try to load the VST I get this error:

I need to be able to get a hold of my license somehow.



Okay. Did you ever have it working initially? As in, did you ever activate it through the eLCC?

If you are trying to use HALion Sonic SE (free), have you requested an authorization code? The alert you posted seems to relate to an unauthorized HALion Sonic SE. Have you installed the eLicenser Control Center? What licenses are active?

Are you using a USB-eLicenser, or Soft-eLicenser?

Hey, thanks for your help!

Yes, when I first bought it I used it a couple of times, and I remember activating it through the control center with a serial code or access code. So I don’t understand why the product is not listed in my account anywhere, or a way to retrieve the purchase somewhere by entering your email and other details.

I never used the USB-eLicenser, my only purchase from Steinberg was the HSO!



It’s not listed in your My Stienberg account?

Did you perhaps accidentally create a new account (different from the one you’re using to get on the forum here) and register it there? I think its happened to some people before…they end up with more than one account somehow.

What shows up in terms of keys if you open the eLisencer Control app?

If you don’t have a Stienberg DAW like Cubase or Dorico is in there, then you’ll need to make sure that free player key, and the HSO key is in the eLisencer.

You can get a free player download, and a key for it emailed to you here:

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Hey Brian,

No, it’s not listed in my account, and there is no keys displayed either in the eLisencer control app.

I have re-installed windows since then if that has something to do with it?

I have downloaded the free player and can access that, but I can still not load the HSO in my DAW, it just gives an error with a question mark.

I can’t really enter the key for HSO in the eLisencer if I can’t find the key anywhere. I wanted to contact support, but the chat is offline as they have holiday, and not sure which country or distributor to contact since I bought this online on Steinberg.



Yes, redoing the OS could compromise a soft eLisencer.
Thing is, [I think] it should still show up as a registered product in your MyStienberg account. As this is where you go to ‘release’ keys on the soft eLisencer from one machine and move it to the other. Things on dongles show up here as well, though it’s a different process to move those to other dongles (can’t move them to a soft eLisencer, at least not yet).

Still have that registration code?

What happens if you try to re-enter it through the eLisencer Control Center app?

If you’re still stuck after trying that…gather your proof of purchase and stuff, submit a support ticket. Maybe it just ended up on a different MyStienberg account by mistake. I.E. accidentally creating more than one. Support can help you track it down…

Hey Brian, thanks again!

If I still had the registration code I would have tried that a long time ago.

I have the proof of purchase from back in January, I’m sure this was HSO, since Steinberg is a client of AskNet Shops, and the price seem to match too.

When I try to submit a ticket it redirects to this page of distributers: /distribution/. Don’t they have an email somehwere?



You might be able to track down a record of the purchase if you can figure out how to log into that store thing again. Sometimes they keep a list of the transactions you’ve done…copies of the receipts, etc.

Check your email history too, maybe you kept it around :slight_smile: Maybe still in the trash bin if you trashed it.

It’d probably show up on your credit card statement too, perhaps with a transaction number they can use to track the order down?

On contacting support…scroll on down at the contact support page, there’s button you can click that brings up a form to fill in for a Support Ticket.