Halion Symphonic Orchestra Tremolo

It’s about the Halion Symphonic Orchestra and when choosing an instrument, here in this case the violins I Legato X Tremolo, no tremolo can be heard. According to Steinberg’s statement, this is on Controller 4, but unfortunately can’t do anything with it, even after a screenshot was sent with.

Does anyone have an idea how I can make the tremolo sound?

Just tested it and it seems to work on my setup. The tremolo is somewhat subtle and very fast, but it’s clearly there on a different layer than the legato.

Try muting the Legato layer, and then have controller 4 at a high value. Then, if you hear anything it is from the tremolo layer. And then reducing the value of controller 4 turns down the volume of the tremolo layer.

Thank you for your message.

Muting the Legato, then is nothing to hear.

If that is with controller 4 turned all the way up, then I’m wondering if there’s a disk corruption or a missing sample in the library.