HALion Symphonic Orchestra | Trial Version not activating


I am unable to activate the trial license of HALion Symphonic Orchestra on Cubase 9 Elements. The eLicenser control center does not show any option for this VSTi (is it supposed to for a trial version) and after adding an instrument of this VSTi to the track I get an error (screenshot attached) that the instruments are not available (although I did follow the installation instructions that are 3 years old and printed in 2014).

Any pointers to activate this VSTi will help for the trial period (is it worth purchasing as I want instruments for film music).


You got it from this page, yes? https://www.steinberg.net/en/products/vst/halion_symphonic_orchestra/trial_version.html

The trial license should have been activated automatically while installing. The license is supposed to show up on your eLicenser Control Center, and it should display its expiration date.

Try restarting your computer, then open the eLicenser Control Center and run maintenance tasks.
If the license still doesn’t show up, uninstall Halion Symphonic Orchestra and its content then reinstall it again. It might help to run the installer as administrator (right click).

Thanks, now the error is gone but it stops scanning saying the file FCP_SMT_027_HSO_*.vstsound is not found asking me to locate or ignore and ultimately I do not see any instruments available to use when it all loads up, nor elicenser control center showing any instruments entry for this plug-in.
(FCP_SMT_026_HSO_Violoncellos_Tutti.vstsound is the last instrument I see when I expand the zip folder for this plug-in)

I think so but I will redo the steps you noted downloading it again from the link you shared.