Halion Symphonic Orchestra "voucher"

Almost 3 weeks ago someone on this forum received an upgrade voucher for HSO to update to Steinberg Licensing.
I still haven’t seen mine appear yet.
I’ve left 3 requests for official help, but they’re being ignored.
Can somebody (in Steinberg) check please!?

I have got a voucher like this. What I need to know is how will an upgrade affect my access to Symphonic Orchestra on my usb licenser? Do I have to give up my elicenser version? In that case I am sceptic.
After all these years I have grown very fond of having my licenses on a stick. I like ilok too. :blush:

On another level, your message worries me deeply.
I am a pro, using Nuendo now, have used Cubase for years, and have used steinberg on ATARI, since early 90ties.

Lately I have experienced and noticed an increasingly lack of response from Steinberg support.
Why would Steinberg destroy a great product by neglecting the quality of customer support?

I will like to remind Steinberg about what lead a lot of professionals, to be loyal to Steinberg, over Pro tools.
This was mainly due to poor customer care.

Steinberg needs to improve customer service.

I hope this will be fixed swiftly.

@TonyB I have not received a voucher yet for HSO either.

You will, now or later, as they’ve been saying for a couple years now.

The question has been answered frequently here on the forum and on the support page. https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/4409835265810-Information-on-Steinberg-Licensing

I think it’s reasonable for the company to prioritize support for questions whose answers are not already in a public facing web page.

Hi Guys.
I still haven’t received a physical “Voucher”, but one of my support requests had a reply, eventually, and the License update to Steinberg Licensing, for HSO, was done, manually, by the support person.
I ended up with HSO useable EITHER on dongle or Steinberg Licensing.
So it seems. (& So I was told).
Though, I always need my dongle attached anyway, for Wavelab 9.5.
My HSO voucher didn’t kick in automatically, because it was old, and called something slightly different (a dual license with hsse & “box” in the title).
Apparently, once updated to Steinberg Licensing, HSO can work with or without the dongle, though in my case it may be the dual license thing happened because of manual intervention.
He did imply that’s how it’s meant to be.
But I didn’t do mine by voucher, so I can’t be certain!!
I believe the other licences that I did do with vouchers, all ended up being removed from the dongle…like

Simon Phillips studio drums,
The grand3
Halion 7
Cubase 12

But HSO is still “alive” on both dongle & S. L.

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Thanks for that information, I think I’m also one of those “edge cases”, in that my HSO license looks like this:
… no voucher yet, so I guess I’ll log a support ticket.

Yep, exactly as mine looked, except where yours says “1.x”, mine said “(box)”.
As a bonus, without me asking the person helping me removed a couple of expired trial licenses, that I couldn’t deal with myself.