Halion Symphonic orchestra VST install problem

I have Cubase 6 on a Windows 7 PC.
I have tried to install the version of HSO that came with my Cubase 6 upgrade but cannot find the programme anywhere on my computer after the install.
I first tried installing it in my VST file under my Cubase 6 file tree, I then installed it in the default location but with no success either time.
If I try to uninstall it it shows up in the list of programmes to uninstall and seems to uninstall succcessfully.
Could some suggest where iI should install it.
I also had this on Cubase 5 and paid for the upgrade to the full version.
The full version licence is on my eLicenser.
I have tried using the media bay to look for it but no success. 2 hours wasted!!

Ok, I’ve found out a bit more about this on some of the other threads.
Media Bay shows the Symphonic Orchestra is installed but searching for orchestral samples doesn’t show up which plug in as being accessed. I’m still not sure which sounds are from HSO 16 bit and which are from Sonic SE.
Is there any way to show which plug an instrument is from?



Please have a look at the following knowledge base article




I have a similar problem. I read the article but I can’t find HSO library for Halion Se anywhere. I already asked this many times in the forum but no answer.

I have the same problerm. The link suggested by Chris does not help because it does not address the Cubase connection to the full version of HSO. Or are they not compatible?

on my pc I moved it to a subdirectoty of the Halio folder in appdata. At first it was inside of VST Sound, found at the same location:
C:\Users\handroid\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\HALion\VST Sound - HSO

I had to uninstall the trial version of HSO, I was told to do it by the support person, as a solution to the problem that is that if I install it, Cubase gives me an error " a valid license was not found" for it.
Has anyone encountered a License problem with the trial version of HSO?

Chris! The knowledgebase article says:

“Open the preset browser in HALion Sonic SE (picture below)”

There is no picture below.

I presume you refer to Halion Sonic SE/Load Preset/ .

"Click on a title menu like e.g. „Key“ and select „Audio – Assets / Library Name“

There is no ‘Menu’ nor ‘Menu title’ .
There are columns marked ‘Category’, ‘Sub Category’, ‘Style’ etc.

“Activate the filter for „HALion Symphonic Orchestra“ below the now available menu „Library Name“ and you get the HALion Symphonic Orchestra presets displayed.”

There is no „HALion Symphonic Orchestra“ nor any menu or column „Library Name“.

Are we on the same page or is something getting lost in translation? :question:

Click on Program/Patch selector (on Track or in HALion Sonic SE), click the button “Logical”, click on “Any Attribute” and select “Library Name”, type in “HALion Symphonic Orchestra” in the Search String text field (to the right of “matches”), hit enter.

You should now see the HSO presets in the Search Results (on the right).

Umm. No results.

I wonder if we should just start again.
I want to install HSO on my new laptop.
I have two install discs which came from Cubase 5 and marked ‘Trial version’.
Another disc call ’ Halion Symphonic Orchestra VSt Sound Instrument Set.
I also downloaded an upade from the the Steinberg website. :confused:

Where would I go from here?