HALion Symphonic Orchestra

All of a sudden I am unable to load any instruments into HSO 1.5. I try to load an instrument into a Program slot, a dialogue box appears and prompts me to locate the folder for a .fxb file. Why is this happening? I recently installed Dorico 3 SE but I don’t think that’s the problem. Can anyone point me in a direction?


I have now uninstalled and reinstalled HSO several times. I have also uninstalled Dorico 3 SE. I still have no joy. I have been through the “Locate Content” process but this makes no difference. Now all I get is a dialogue requesting me to load the .fxp file. Please can anyone help?


I have HSO dated 2011. It seems to be working fine.
When I search for *.fxp I get NOTHING.
When I search for *.fxb I get NOTHING.

I must have a different version? I think 1.5 was the latest, and that was 2009. The 2011 copyright I see must be due to some sort of update, 64-bit version, VST 3 version or something. You probably have the same version and updates. But maybe not.

What I don’t have is Dorico beyond the free version. So maybe it’s Dorico-related. Maybe one has to be installed before the other. I’d ask for support from Steinberg if you still have this issue.