Halion Symphonic Orchestra

Hi, so I got this newsletter from Steinberg about Valentine’s day Sale, and would like to know more specs about Halion Symphonic Orchestra, but I don’t seem to find it anywhere on the site! If I follow the link from Steinberg’s mail, it directs me right to the shopping cart page, and there’s no any info on the product… Is it discontinued or what?


Thanks! It’s still unclear to me – will it work inside the Cubase only? Or I’ll be able to use in within Logic Pro as well?


It is an VST Sound Instrument Set that can only be used within HALion (4 or higher), HALion Sonic or HALion Sonic SE.

As long as you don’t have HALion or HALion Sonic, you can only use it with HALion Sonic SE in Cubase .

Oh, I see. I have Cubase 7 Bundle, it includes Halion Sonic SE, but I’m not sure if I have the trial version or not… When I was ordering it, I thought the bundle does include Halion Sonic SE (I think I read something which made me think so), but when I received the package, it had a paper with serial numbers for “trial versions” of software included, and Halion Sonic SE was listed too. But it still works after more than a year. I don’t use it much, so I’m not sure if I have fully functioning Halion Sonic SE or the trial version! Can you elaborate on this?

I’ve always liked HSO and it’s a good deal at this price. It works fine in Logic Pro with HALion or HALion Sonic, but being able to import the key switches in Cubase is a huge advantage.

Just seen your question about Sonic SE, I’m pretty sure this is free with Cubase - it’s the full Sonic you have to pay for.


you get all details about the differences between HALion, HALion Sonic and HALion Sonic SE here:


Where is the documentation on importing KS, if you don’t mind?

Page 557 of the Operation Manual shows you how to load expression maps from the Inspector. If you load a program that includes key switches in Sonic SE, you’ll see an extra “Import Key Switches” option in the menu - I can’t find where this is explained in the manual though (just found it on page 560).

Hi folks,

I am pleased someone has started this thread as I have had the same issues locating and understating the options. So thanks for those who have posted answers and links.

I just wanted to double check with anyone if the HSO would be compatible with my set up please ?? I have Cubase Artist 7.5, HALion Sonic SE and HALion Sonic. I originally started with Artist 6, then paid to upgrade to Artist 7, and then 3 x months ago upgraded (for free/grace) to Artist 7.5.

Would the HSO be compatible and also (for those of you who currently own it) does it offer better quality samples than the VST library I currently have (Sonic and Sonic SE) please ??

Basically I am looking to take advantage of a few items in this weeks half price sale.



Ta for the link. Are there no audio clip demonstrations of this HSO do you know please ??



I’ve purchased HSO yesterday (and also Halion Sonic – until yesterday I didn’t realize Halion Sonic and Halion Sonic SE are different things). HSO is basically a set of sounds for HS/HSE, it appears inside HS interface as an additional soundset. I’m sure it is fully compatible with your setup. It would be compatible even if you only had HSE, but in this case you could only use it inside Cubase. HS works under other hosts too. Works for me in Logic Pro.

As for HSO audio demos, I had to search for them on youtube… It’s ridiculous that this kind of info isn’t easy to find on Steinberg’s site. HSO is orchestra-oriented library, so it’s not just better samples than you already have in HS/HSE, they are more detailed - instruments have different articulations and sometimes different samples of same articulation.

Thank you very much Sasha,

i have downloaded the ‘trial’ version of HSO (as well as some other products in the sale). It took about 90 x mins.

i am eventually going to purchase another Orchestral VSTi from a different manufacturer later in the year, but i thought i would take advantage of the Valentines sale offer. 1/2 price is a very good deal !!

i agree, it is very difficult to locate adequate demonstrations of the HSO and even on the Steinberg website there is zilch !! i am not sure why they have not promoted this product ?? Similar items feature an array of sound-clips and videos etc.

i was looking at the best way (options) to move from what i currently have, to purchasing HALion 5 :-

When you click on a product (ie. add to cart) from the Valentines page it places the item in your shopping basket at the same price (ie not at 50% discount) ?? i think (as advised in a previous thread) that i would need to purchase HALion Sonic 2 and then HALion 5 ?? So £82 plus £82. But i am really confused of the prices etc as regards to the Valentines sale !! Are they half price or not ??

Did you get your HALion Sonic for £82 instead of £162 ??



I think Halion 5 isn’t on this sale… Yes, I paid half price for Halion Sonic 2 (99.50 euros).

Hi Sasha,

HALion 5 is definitely NOT on sale for sure. I have tried all purchase options.

Regarding HALion Sonic 2, I think my situation might be different to yours because I am upgrading from already owning HALion Sonic SE and HALion Sonic. I think you said that you were recently starting from fresh ?? To upgrade (as in my case) from HALion Sonic to HALion Sonic 2, it has ALWAYS been £82.00p and is appearing at this same price when I add it to my basket. The 50% discount is clearly shown on other items in my basket (eg. HSO, Grand 3 SE, etc) but no deduction is applied to HALion Sonic 2 or HALion 5. They both remain at £82.00p each. If they were to be discounted then they would appear amended at £44.00p each which would be too goo to be true I think !!

It’s been a real nightmare to be honest deciding what to purchase and calculating the cheapest option etc !! :confused:

Are you also planning to purchase HALion 5 ??



Well, I had Halion Sonic SE (included with Cubase) and trial version of Halion Sonic on two discs. I installed HS from these discs, purchased activation code for Halion Sonic 2.x and activated HS. Next day I realized that I have HS 1.6, while being able to use 2.x :slight_smile: Currently I’m downloading 2.x images and it’s really slow…

Have you seen a label on HS somewhere at Steinberg online shop saying “Free update to version 2” or something like that?

Hi Sasha,

Yes the HALion Sonic 2 (trial) 2 x ISO downloads takes about 3 x hours for disc one and 2 x hours for disc 2. Maybe the Steinberg site is understandably busy this weekend. When I upgraded (for free) from Artist 7 to 7.5 last year I tried over 20 x times because of such congestion. I would not be surprised if (tomorrow) Steinberg announce that they are EXTENDING the sale til the end of this week !!

Regarding the ‘free upgrade’ you mention, I think it is if you have a ‘trial’ version dvd of HALion Sonic 1, you can purchase the Activation Code for it and automatically qualify for a free update to HALion Sonic 2 (they call it a ‘grace period’). When I purchased Artist 7, I qualified for the free update to Artist 7.5 because I bought it during a certain week/month.


So Matthias,

Am I correct in thinking that HSO will work in a Cubase 7.5 64-bit environment running Halion Sonic SE 2, Halion Sonic 2 or Halion 5? Just want to make sure before I throw down a hundred bucks.



I have it working smoothly, it is actually a better shell than the original HSO, and the import, while taking awhile, did relay all of the KS information, oh, what the heck, more commas, and breaks to keep it real.

I just purchased HSO on the weekend. I have Halion Sonic SE but cannot get HSO working.

Also, I purchased a Celtic Instrument set that supposedly works with Halion - but not Halison SE? So, do I need to purchase Halion too?