HALion Symphony Orchestra won't validate


I downloaded a trial version of HALion Symphony Orchestra on Logic Pro X (10.3.2), and it has worked consistently up until yesterday, even several weeks after my eLicenser said it had expired. So, today I purchased a license (again - (I originally purchased a license to a boxed version in 2006) and now both the disabled trial license (shown in red) and the enabled full license I just purchased (shown in black) are listed on the eLicenser Control Center, but Logic’s validation fails and says “No valid license detected for Symphonic Orchestra. Please connect your eLicenser and click ‘retry’. Make sure to have an up-to-date version of the License Control Center”.

The eLicenser Control Center App is up to date ( as is everything else on my iMac - macOS Sierra 10.12.6.

My Steinberg USB key is clearly connected, since there are licenses on it that show up in addition to the soft eLicenses specific to my hard drive.

I re-installed the 6GB HSO package, installed the vsti_au_patcher_mac as specified in the support notes, made sure both my Steinberg key and soft eLicenser were properly registered at the Steinberg site, cleared out the Logic AU cache and re-scanned again, but I am still getting the same errors, and cannot even try to select HSO from within Logic, since Logic’s AU plugin manager has disabled them.

From within the eLicenser Control Center, I tried to delete the expired trial license, but that option is greyed-out.

I’m now out of ideas, and have a pressing deadline to get an arrangement done by this Monday July 31 for which I NEED THIS PLUGIN !!!

Hoping against hope that someone will know of a solution to sort out this licensing issue -

Thank you in advance if you can suggest anything that might help me solve this…


Me too but with Halionsonic 3 i bought on steinberg online. I tested Halionsonic 2 Trial and buy Halionsonic 3. Downloaded 27GB data, installed,activated with no problem. But Cubase 9 sent it into blacklist.I tried twice . Same things happened.
Could you let me know how did you solve your problem ?
your sincerely
Kyaw SoeNaing