Halion Symphony Orchestra


I bought this as a download a few months ago, I’m only now just getting round to using it with Cubase 7.5. Anyone know where I can get the HSO operations manual? I have a pretty basic guide which must have come with the download but I need to full detailed op guiide

Thanks in advance, CD

I don’t know what guide you have, but one is available here:

If I recall correctly, there is a link to the manual in the GUI screen.

I am assuming you bought the same as me, that is (see e-licenser) “Halion Symphonic Orchestra 1.x / VST Sound Instrument Set”, not to be confused with the Halion Symphonic Orchestra 1.5 VST instrument that was available once upon a time.

After you have installed the “Halion Symphonic Orchestra Orchestra VST Sound Instrument Set”, you will find it as a library / instrument, called “HSO” in your version of Halion, Halion Sonic or Halion Sonic SE.

For a manual you should refer to the one that applies for Halion (4 & 5) , Halion Sonic (1 & 2 )or Halion Sonic SE (1 & 2).

Good luck!

Thanx for your replies, have now got the op man.