Halion Symphony Orchestra

Spent about 15 hours trying to install and get this instrument working in Cubase 7 PRO.
What am I doing wrong? The vst instrument won’t even show up in the list of instruments when I select insert track, “vst instruments”.

Help? If it doesn’t work at all, I would like a refund.

When you open Halion Sonic SE and load program into a slot, are you finding the sounds? When they load, you will see the GUI for HSO.
You can click on Halion Symphonic Orch under the “library name” heading to see all the instruments in the library.
Also, when you go into the plugin information window, do you see HSO in the list, and is it checked?
( I’m no expert, but it’s breaking my heart to read you’re working 15 hrs on this. Hope you work it out)

I presume you have activated its license?