Halion syphonic orchestra anyone?

Is it available?..is it part of Halion sonic? looked around the Steinberg product page and can not see a mention of it, I’m hoping that if I upgrade Halion se to halion 5 it’ll be part of the library…does anyone know if it is…I remember a disc with cubase 5 that had a trial for the HSO but seem to have lost it :blush:

any help out there…thank you, Kevin

HSO is not included with H5 or HS2 Libraries.
its a separate product (an old one)

You can buy the license for the HSO Sound Instrument Set here…

You will have to get the DVD to install the content somehow. Mine came in the Cubase 6 upgrade box. Maybe support could provide you with a download?

thanks for the reply’s guy’s…gonna look into it…Kevin