Halion VST Sound library missing

Hi guys,

I moved some libraries from my laptop internal hard disk to an external SSD, and I think some files went missing in the process.
I keep having around 20 pop up that i have to click ‘ignore’ when I open Cubase.
And now I have some sounds missing when playing some instruments in Halion.
For some of them, I managed to point cubase to the new file, and it was OK.
For some of them, either i cannot find the file anymore or i cannot click on it.

Is there a way to reinstall just Halion Sonic?
Or do I have to reinstall all of cubase?
If yes, how do i uninstall, i looked online and couldn’t find any proper tutorial or process to do so.
Screenshot 2020-09-22 at 22.14.09.png


HALion Sonic SE library is part of Cubase Full Installer. Download this one and reinstall HALion Sonic SE library, please.

For library moving, use the Steinberg Library manager, please.


Thanks for your reply.
I used the Library manager yes, to point to the new disk / file, see screenshot attached what i see there.
But i still have files missing for some reason.
Will try to reinstall the library, will let you know.


You have also HALion Sonic installed. Do you have the dedicated license for it? Only HALion Sonic SE is part of Cubase license.

If you have some missing files from HALion Sonic, you have to install this one from the Full Installer. This is not part of Cubase Installer.


I never instaled Halion, so I don’t know why there is indeed ‘Halion Sonic Factory content’, I didn’t purchased it, do you recommend to remove it from the library manager?

So I downloaded back the Halion Sonic SE 3.4 from the Steinberg Download Assistant, and copy pasted all VST sounds that I saw in the folder named ‘Additional content’ in my SSD drive where I have all by Cubase VST, see attached.
I also reinstalled it by clicking on the pkg file

When I opened Cubase again, I had the popup of missing sounds, but managed to ‘locate’ them one by one.
But, when I’m in Halion Sonic SE in cubase, I have this popup saying that some audo files are missing, but without telling me what file, see screen attached.

Any idea how to fix this?

And I also copy paste / replace the VST sound that I found in the folder of the Cubase Pro installation file:

see here:


I see you had the same issue.
What I understand is that you reinstalled cubase and it fixed it, except for reverence, is that correct?

Yes,I haven’t used reverence in a while so not sure about that. and I just started using the default location. Because steinberg library mover didn’t work out