Halion2 mixer setting won't save

Everytime I go into Halion 2 and adjust the dynamic level (vln pno piece) so that the vln is louder than the pno as soon as I hit playback it reverts to having them be at the same dynamic level even though I saved my settings as the default playback. What am I doing wrong?

Try using the Dorico Mixer instead of the HALion mixer. If the HALion mixer works the way other VST mixers (like the Aria VST mixer in Finale) work, then it is affected by dynamics set in the notation itself and is thus incapable of setting relative base levels, which is what I think you are trying to do.

Thanks Derrek, but when I use the Dorico mixer, I see the levels moving during playback but when I use the volume sliders to adjust the balance, nothing happens. I also adjusted the reverb as shown in the tutorial video and didn’t get any reverb. What am I missing?

Could you please make a demo project and post here?

vlson1a.zip (840 KB)
Here is a zipped copy Ulf:

Hi Richard, thanks for the data. I’ve had a look and it turns out there is some discrepancy. From the audio engine perspective it is correct that you don’t hear any reverb, because the sends are not switched on. On the other hand, the mixer in Dorico clearly shows them as being set, namely to the Fx Reverb channel and with an appropriate send level. How this could happen, I don’t know, I just see the outcome and how the status quo is. I’ll file this in our bug database and investigate further on it.
In the meantime, you can simply rectify the mess by simply going to the mixer and for every instrument channel set the first send to “—” and then back to “Fx Reverb”. By that both Dorico and the audio engine will get back into sync. Then save your project and you shall be fine.

One more thing, HSSE is set up in a way that both Violin and Piano come through the first output, i.e. they use the same channel/fader in the Dorico mixer. This you can rectify in the HSSE editor window. There, turn to the Mix tab and on the right side you see that every of the 16 slots is assigned to Main. Change that to 2 for the Piano and then you can adjust the Piano level on the second fader in the Dorico Mixer.

Dear Ulf,
I jump a little OT in this thread to ask something about that REVerence reverb that we have in Dorico. Why is it bypassed by default? And why does that not appear clearly? I mean: I always have to load a preset (typically medium or large viennese hall) to make it work. I think a “normal” behavior would be that it opens loaded with a preset that the user could choose, and maybe bypassed by the on/off button of the insert slot in the mixer. That would mimic better the behavior of a “real” mixer with “real” gear in a real studio.

Hi Marc, is it like that with you? I’ve just tried here with me, starting a piano project from template and REVerence gets loaded with LA Studio as default. Also, the sends are set up correctly and I can hear the effect.

Marc - could you have bypassed the reverb and then chosen to save that plugin state as the default? Try enabling it and picking a sensible default (I like the viennese one for orchestral ensembles, though its too much for rock/pop) and save that as the default. Now try creating a new project to see if it’s remembered that state.

Thanks Ulf, the information was very helpful.