Halion5 Automation

Hello everyone, I joined recently from your forum, because I have not found an answer on the site Italian Cubase, and I hope to find here someone more experienced. Meanwhile, thanks for your attention.
I have Cubase 05.07.40 32bit with 64bit W7
In Halion5 I set a Organ , and I would have liked to change the drawbars during the play as it did with the B4, however, does not register me with the Write automation, both on the track, also one of Halion5, and do not know how do . It depends on some setting along the VST?
I tested with CC Learn to try to figure out a solution, and then I tried to create a CC Mapper to see if I find the CC and corresponding QC, but are not there. How should I do?
Likewise you can record automation for other pots as Mix Reverb etc. ?
Thank you

Hi Gianco59.

You can automate solo, mute, level, pan and 8 quick controls for each program.
I agree the automation options are a bit limited.

So you can assign a parameter to one of the quick controls and automate that, or use the Learn CC function
Right click the parameter you want, choose learn cc and move a knob on your keyboard.
Most parameters can be controlled by cc. You can record the cc messages with your part, draw them in or use the midi channel automation in the project window, where you can access all the cc’s.

through the misohoza answer, I tried it and I started to do something, but I wanted to ask, you can assign any active control in these quick controls? As Reverb, Delay, drawbars and more? But the QC that are originally assigned to the controls, ranging reset and assigned to only one or two can also do checks?

You can assign pretty much any parameter within a program to a quick control.
If you load a preset, it will have some quick controls already assigned. But you can reset them (remove the assignments) and make your own.
You can assign more parameters to the same quick control.

thanks misohoza, this reply is very important. Now I try to automate. good continuation