Halion5 download links

I’m moving from Osx to pc and need to install Halion 5 which I have upgraded from 4. I can’t find download links anywhere? I opened the invoice email I received when I brought Halion 5 but the link sends me to Cubase 7.5 upgrade which I brought the other day? Very puzzling. I have seen a many other people with this same issue in the forums and they have been told to contact support in the Mysteinberg section but I’m in Australia and the only contact I am sent to is a local distributor whom I suspect wouldn’t be any help and the forums. Anyone know where the download links are?

I still can’t find any links for Halion 5? . Am I missing something? Can anyone please help me find the download links for Halion 5 it would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Tonka134,

I am going to send you an email which will contain the needed downloadlinks.

For all other users: If you need the installer for any piece of software, please contact the support by email.

info [at] steinberg dot de



Hi Jan, I could use that download link as well. I cannot find it anywhere online.


Please send a mail like described above. Thanks!


can you also send me download links as well please

http://www.figleaves.com/us/Hi> !
Yesterday I sent you an e-mail request for a link for Halion 5 iso. When can I expect an answer?
Thank you.

Big thanx for quick help!

Hi Jan,

I have sent an e-mail two days ago to steinberg-support.hu(at)hotmail.hu and yesterday to info… no answers.

Please, if it’s possible send me the download link for Halion5 / Halion Sonic 2 full install.

The email address would have been info [at] steinberg dot de.
Please resent to that address. Thank you!

I have got the download link, many thanks.

just for referencing since this question has been posted quite a few times, and the fact that the official download location is empty has been reported to admins for several times.

The following location on the official site will probably remain useless for the rest of its existence and is virtually empty:


But you can dowload the most recent files for Halion 5 allways from here:


:slight_smile: kind regards :slight_smile: