HALion5 VST2?

Oh my god this is a noob question but I would be very grateful for help with this. I’ve moved cities and my PC is in transit and I’m currently using my macbook pro instead and I’ve installed HALion5 fine and the VST3 version and AU are there but I can’t find the regular VST2 or VST2.5 version anywhere on my drive and I want to use it in Ableton and Reaper. Does the Mac version of HALion5 even come with the regular VST2 or is it only VST3 and AU? IF so where could it be located? I’ve tried application support, Library/audio/plugins etc, and user/library/audio etc and the steinberg folders and documents etc.

Hi Tonka,

Please use the AU version on Mac in Ableton and Reaper. Just scan in Ableton and it will show up in the plugin list.

Thanks for the reply Matthias. I’ll use the AU. Thanks